The group

Laboratoire X.O is first and foremost the realization of the vision of Karine Pinon, Pharmacist: to contribute to the maintenance and development of quality medicines recognized as essential to patient health. These high therapeutic value drugs, which bring hope to millions of patients and healthcare professionals, have helped build the reputation of the company over the years, making it in the top third of French pharmaceutical companies in terms of sales.


Île-de-France has been the historic birthplace of Le Laboratoire since 2015. Founded in Saint-Cloud in the Hauts-de-Seine area, it is still the location of our headquarters today. The only difference is that Le Laboratoire has moved to the 12th floor of the famous Bureaux de la Colline. These premises are ideal for exchanging ideas, fostering creativity and maintaining the warm atmosphere cherished by our employees.

Founder Karine Pinon’s determination and her ability to surround herself with expert collaborators are driving the growth of Le Laboratoire each and every day: expertise and ideas are flowing, while the teams have never been so united and ready to take on challenges.

The vision of Karine Pinon, now CEO of the LXO Group, remains and has become the raison d’ĂȘtre of Le Laboratoire, and then naturally, of the LXO Group.



Le Laboratoire X.O is staffed by the best professionals in their category, bringing together all the group’s support and operational services: a true 360-degree expertise!


In 2022, the acquisition of Noden Pharma DAC and its Dublin-based headquarters enabled us to take our first steps outside France with our first European unit.


Le Laboratoire has added a number of new professionals: our supply chain, quality assurance and finance teams now have local staff in Dublin. In-house expertise already present in France, enhanced by excellent knowledge of the European market.

In the U.S., at the heart of the world’s 1st largest market, governed by the US GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), this transatlantic bridge reflects the Laboratoire’s determination to expand internationally and spread its expertise throughout the world, while always respecting our raison d’ĂȘtre: to guarantee access, availability and quality of medicines essential to the health of all.



This acquisition marked the actual birth of the LXO Group: Noden Pharma DAC becoming our Irish and American offices.


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We are convinced that mature products with a proven long-term efficacy and safety profile, while offering a very attractive cost/effectiveness ratio, are entitled to a second life, whether in the French market or in other markets where innovation at any price is not always possible.

Quality & ethics

In addition to the values of quality and ethics specific to our business sector, we are committed to working with our employees and external partners in a transparent and fair manner, in line with the values that guide us every day.

We are dedicated to systematically prioritizing French and European production.


We support and accompany our employees in their efforts to achieve our objectives together, for the benefit of patients and society as a whole.

We surround ourselves with partners who share our values and are ready to invest in the development of our products.


We know how to remain responsive in a dynamic world, with pragmatic solutions.

We mobilize our collective intelligence to create value.