LXO Group announces the acquisition of prescription drug Nimotop® from Bayer

Press Release, november 06th, 2023 - Laboratoire X.O ("LXO"), is pleased to announce the acquisition of prescription drug Nimodipine under the brand name Nimotop® from Bayer, for several markets across different regions excluding Mainland China.

This acquisition concurs with our commitment to develop and maintain access to quality medicines recognized as essential to patients’ health. These high therapeutic value drugs, which bring hope to millions of patients and healthcare professionals, have helped build the reputation of the company in identifying key treatments and products and globally provide sustainable support to healthcare professionals.  

Nimodipine is the only approved 2nd generation dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker that is available in three different formulations (oral tablets, oral solutions, intravenous infusion solutions) in several markets across different regions and used for the prevention and treatment of cerebral vasospasm, following an aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (“aSAH”), a type of stroke with high mortality and morbidity rates. 

The global cerebral vasospasm market is expected to grow at a CAGR of +6.5%, mainly driven by aging population (at higher risk of experiencing aSAH and vasospasm), higher incidence of aSAH (with an increasing number of reported aSAH cases worldwide, the potential patient pool for vasospasm treatment is expanding) and lifestyle behaviours.  

LXO management identified Nimotop® as a strong candidate to deploy its proven late lifecycle management skills and to help rejuvenate its organic growth. With now 28 brands offered, and a distribution network in more than 80 countries, our team has demonstrated consistently strong capabilities to integrate and reinvigorate mature brands from pharma MNCs and to generate organic growth through its life cycle management even in historically declining products. Nimotop® further strengthens LXO’s presence in Europe and expands its global footprint. The product is a further addition to the company’s core therapeutic areas Central Nervous System and Cardiovascular, creating synergies and diversifying its global portfolio. 

As the major shareholder of LXO, Stanley Capital Partners (“Stanley Capital” / “SCP”), the specialist healthcare and resource efficiency private equity investor, thus consolidates its investment strategy in integrating established medicines with high barriers to entry from big pharma companies to create a high therapeutic value platform in a space in which the firm has actively been invested in since 2020.  

This acquisition is a major milestone in LXO's history

We believe that this will provide a fruitful ground for further accelerated growth through both organic and external opportunities. We are very proud to take under our responsibility life-saving drugs such as Nimotop® and we are committed to maintain and develop the access to this treatment in more than 45 countries. This acquisition strengthens our international footprint and offers exciting new opportunities for our future. We are thrilled with this development and determined to make the most of this opportunity for the patients, our employees and our shareholders

Karine Pinon, co-fonder and CEO LXO Group

Patrick Hargutt, Founding Partner at Stanley Capital Partners, commented: 

“Stanley Capital is actively working with LXO’s management team to further strengthen and support the company through its next phase of growth and development. The acquisition of Nimotop® follows a highly impressive M&A programme with now 20 add-on acquisitions to date and with a clear strategy to pursue further bolt-ons from our actively curated pipeline in established medicines. Management have identified a clear path to implement its systemised late lifecycle management playbook for Nimotop® which includes enlarging its SAM with digital marketing, pursuing geographic expansion and optimising market access.” 


Simon Cottle, Founding Partner at Stanley Capital Partners, added: 

“With Nimotop® being the third acquisition within 12 months of SCP’s ownership we have completed a further milestone in diversifying LXO’s product portfolio. By acquiring the global rights this will also further accelerate the internationalisation of the business and the increased scale builds on our work to create systematic and digitised life cycle management systems with the help of our SCP Digital team.” 


About Stanley Capital Partners LLP

Stanley Capital Partners is a European mid-market private equity firm using a research and technology-based approach to identify opportunities in the growing sustainable investment sectors of Healthcare and Resource Efficiency. Stanley Capital targets businesses with the potential of generating EBITDA of $25m to $150m. We partner with management teams, in majority and minority transactions, to transform and grow companies through technological change, operational change and market consolidation. 

Stanley Capital was founded in 2019 by Simon Cottle, James Brooks and Patrick Hargutt and has a team of over 100 professionals working closely together with its Leader Network and investors, sector and technology partners.  

Learn more about SCP: www.stanley-capital.com

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