Our CSR policy

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Sustainability has been a long standing focus at LXO.  Following our acquisition by Stanley Capital, it has risen to the forefront as a central performance imperative.

To date, we have taken key steps that follow a long-lasting will : improve our sustainable responsibility and add those KPIs to our annual objectives.

  • We have completed a first Carbon Footprint calculation;
  • We have completed our first best efforts voluntary disclosure against the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (‘SASB’) Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals standard;
  • We put in place a purchasing policy with Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisations in France and in Europe to limit the impact on the environment.


We are aware of our accountability to society for a multifaceted responsibility at the heart of today’s major issues.

By aligning our objectives and ambitions into the PACTES programme of the LEEM professional organisation (patients, supply, collective, transparency, environment, strategy), we are part of a plan for long-term societal commitment based on voluntary action by drug companies.

Take greater account of patients’ expectations.

Fulfilling patient needs and expectations is our ultimate mission. We work closely with associations in order to improve the healthcare pathway and reinforce initiatives based on patients’ feedbacks.


Continue to secure the drugs’ supply.

Our strategy mainly focusing on giving a second life to mature drugs is actively participating insecuring drugs supply in France.

We are committed to the highest standards of quality for our product and creating sustainable value chains. Ensuring the quality of the medicines we deliver is of the utmost importance. By working with sustainable partners andsuppliers, we ensure our products to be responsibly produced and delivered to our final customers, while also supporting local communities.


Contribute to building an inclusive society.

We are committed to creating a fair, egalitarian and respectful workplace where everyone feels included and valued. We believe that our employees’ fulfilment and engagement are essential to our success. We are dedicated to providing them with training and development opportunities, as well as health and wellbeing initiatives.

We strive to ensure that every employee is treated fairly and equally, regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. We recognise that creating a fair workplace requires us to be aware of our own biases and take active steps to minimise disadvantages and promote equality for all.


Strengthen the sector’s contributionto environmental protection.

We recognise the responsibility we have to reduce our carbon emissions, minimise our use of important resources such as energy and water, and protect biodiversity. We recognise the next decade is crucial for climate action and are committed to playing our part.

We are now measuring our carbon foot print annually, from the baseline year of 2022. The carbon measurement aligns with best practice reporting standards: The GHG Protocol and ISO 14064-1.


Strengthen the transparencyof governance and financing

We aim to align our values, ethical behaviours, processes, and culture with societal standards and ensure transparency with our stakeholder groups. We have put lot of effort in to developping a strong corporate governance environment, including strict process controls which are overseen by the Board.

We ensure full compliance in the areas of manufacture and distribution of products and patient privacy, prevention of improper billing, aggressive marketing tactics, and pricing manipulation. Our areas of focus under this pillar are Regulation, Audit and Transparency.





Download the Noden Pharma sustainabilty report 2022

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